Pulze 247: Analytics app that provides real-time business information to hoteliers


There is a mobile phone app for almost everything, be it for safety, shopping or travel, but this one has been built particularly for the hospitality industry. IDS Next, a hotel technology solutions provider, has launched a mobile analytics app called Pulze 247 to facilitate hotel owners and managers to have real-time information on their properties’ business even while being on the go.

Integrated into IDS Next’s all-in-one FortuneNEXT 6i Hotel ERP, Pulze 247 app helps hotel owners and managers keep an eye on every aspect of their hotel operations by making business critical statistics available on their phones real-time. This will help managers take crucial decisions related to their business even while they are on a move.

“Mobility applications can change the way we run…….

@Raymond Ronamai

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